How to protect local governments from COVID-19 during the coronavirus pandemic?

Increasing the effectiveness of a local government functioning and reducing unnecessary risks – Rzeszów District Office

Do you remember the times when every small matter in the office required a whole working day spent running from one window to another, and standing in queues? Such a vision has now been established in the mass culture, even though those times are long gone. Effective appointment management has become a key requirement of every institution and the solution became tailor-made IT systems.

InfoSoftware Polska responds to the needs of public administration in this area. We have developed and are constantly improving our queuing system, iS Queue. Our solution allows to register visits in many ways: via the Internet, in info kiosks and by the telephone. The procedure of visits has been significantly improved. Customers with whom our system has been implemented have effectively doubled the effectiveness of the office’s work. Employees of the office have the opportunity to react appropriately in case of increased traffic. What is more, iS Queue can also be integrated with time registration systems to help optimise the organisation of the office’s work.

In the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the iS Queue system has grown beyond its traditional role of optimising administration. We have developed our product to also serve as a system that provides a higher level of security – both for applicants of a given administration unit and for officials working there. One of our customers is a local government unit covering an area of 1,153 km² and must be ready to serve (according to 2019 data) 631,399 potential applicants without putting their health and life at risk. That is why iS Queue has been equipped with a function allowing for accurate planning of visits and integration with other systems, so that only those interested in the office building are present at a given time. In this way, no queues are formed, and epidemiological risks are minimised.

In addition, our system can also be integrated into body temperature measurement gates, which provides an additional level of security. Gates are our latest product, manufactured almost entirely by InfoSoftware – both the design of the hardware and the software that works in these gates. The temperature measurement of people entering the building is displayed both on the gate and on the monitor of people designated to take care of access control. Our gate system, iS Gate, is currently undergoing extensive tests in the offices and mines of the Polish Mining Group. Thanks to these tests we will be able to improve our product in terms of their trafficability performance.

The iS Queue system currently operates in more than 20 municipalities. It is constantly being developed and improved. New functionalities are being added to meet the growing needs of local authorities. Thanks to the continuous investment in its development, there is no challenge that exceeds the capabilities of iS Queue.

The most important functionalities of our system include:

  • Enabling the interested individuals to register an appointment to the office by selecting the subject of their case. Thus, a person coming to the office is directed immediately to the right official in the building. While for the administrative unit, such information enables the officials to prepare for the appointment in advance.
  • The system not only distinguishes many types of cases, but also tracks the time necessary to achieve the purpose of the appointment. This allows to plan and organise work in such a way that no queues are formed at the office.
  • Registration of the appointment by the applicant, which takes place with the use of the calendar – selection of the available date and available time. Currently, the most important method of registering appointments is the Internet, but the iS Queue system can also be integrated with an interactive kiosk that prints classic queue tickets or the reception desk, where the employee who answers the phone can register the caller for the appointment.
  • iS Queue automatically generates and sends confirmations of the appointment booking to a mobile phone (via text message) and the, indicated in the registration form, e-mail address.
  • If it is necessary to transfer an appointment from one stand to another, it is done without the need to book another appointment or collecting an additional ticket. The case identifier remains unchanged, which facilitates the mobility of applicants visiting the office.
  • The iS Queue system “learns” how long does it take to handle appointments in each subject category. This way, our Queue Management System provides information on a daily basis that can be used by staff to organise their work in the most efficient way.
  • Continuous monitoring of the work of individual posts allows applicants to be automatically directed to the least busy stand. This is especially important when there are unexpected delays.

The iS Queue customer service management system is unique in its design. It was created in a modular way so that it can be modified and adapted to the needs of each user. This statement remains true for both existing users and new customers. As a manufacturer of software for business and public administration, we understand perfectly well that such systems must take into account the need for change and adaptation. Both companies and the administration need to be able to adapt to a changing world. The COVID pandemic is an extreme and, at the same time, a very bright example of change, which requires rapid adaptation.

This complexity, flexibility and development potential are the most important features of iS Queue and the pillars of its market success.