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Outsourcing IT / infoSoftware Polska
Outsourcing IT / infoSoftware Polska

InfoSoftware is a thriving company with almost 10 years of experience in the local and foreign markets. The company provides comprehensive services for companies as well as local government institutions. We specialize in widely understood programming and outsourcing services. Our team consists of Microsoft Certified Professional Developers, Java EE and Android with years of experience in various agile projects as leaders, architects and programmers of IT industry. We create window, web, mobile and complex computer systems applications. We use many technologies and programming languages such as .NET, PHP, JAVA, and much more.We offer 3D printing on professional machines in DMLS, SLS, PolyJet, FDM, SLA technology. Thanks to new devices available on the market and advanced technology we can provide CNC services and 3D scanning of the highest quality. Depending on your needs and requirements we can help you select the most suitable technology for you. One of our boxed softwares, iS Rapid, links cloud-based CAD design capabilities that can be operated completely remotely.

InfoSoftware’s fields of expertise are:

  • Development of software solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our clients
  • IT Outsourcing services ranging from coding services to “offshoreteam-as-a-service” working model
  • Planning, implementation, maintenance and upgrades of SAP Business One systems for enterprises

Our team also has experience in providing hardware and developing comprehensive software that will enable manufacturers to track the movement of their products through all the stages of the production cycle – traceability system. Our other boxed softwares can improve queue management in administrative institutions as well as medical facilities (iS Queue) or be an excellent solution for organisation and hosting of debates with seperated participants that can be not only councillors but also businessmen (iS Vote).