• infoSoftware Polska – Unique IT solutions for business, for University, for local government
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    Unique IT solutions

  • infoSoftware Polska – Unique IT solutions for business, for University, for local government
    infoSoftware Polska


    Domestic and international services

infoSoftware Polska

Our goal is to make our clients fully content.

We operate on the domestic and foreign markets, and our potential is hidden withing a group of specialists united by a common passion - the passion for creating reliable IT solutions that fully satisfy our customers. The company provides comprehensive services for companies, institutions and local government institutions.

We are SAP Business One partners

We are SAP Business One partners

What makes us different?

We specialize in widely understood programming and outsourcing services, starting from the creation of applications tailored to individual needs, through the implementation of particular products, and ending with ongoing technical and development support. The company is also a manufacturer of certified interactive kiosks that come fully equipped and with configuration of programs and applications adjusted to the individual requirements of a business, institutional or local government customers.

We understand our customers' needs!

We are able to listen to our customers and analyze their needs in order to offer the desired services, create the most suitable solutions and fully meet their expectations. We aspire to long-term cooperation that satisfies our customers, and we understand that this is only possible by offering services and solutions of the highest quality. We can offer you knowledge and experience gained during the implementation of projects functioning within Polish borders and beyond them.

Piotr Sowa, Manager IT / CEO,
infoSoftware Polska


Get to know our products

infoSoftware Polska has a collection of its own products which are customized to YOUR individual needs on request. These products are characterized by their high quality, aesthetics, ergonomics, reliability and flexibility in their use and configuration. Last but not least, by their fair prices. Our specialists optimize these products according to the needs of specific clients.


What do we do?

We provide comprehensive IT outsourcing, create high quality IT solutions, deliver ready-made applications and an entire IT systems tailored to our customers. We provide high quality elements of IT infrastructure based on technologies of trusted global companies such as: Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, EMC, Microsoft, VMware, Symantec.

Software for companies, institutions and individuals Internet applications with a rich user interface, web community services information services (CMS), consulting, marketing e-services (e-invoices, electronic document circulation) e-commerce, e-learning, e-recruitment, e-gov, e-business GIS (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate) systems and more.

IT equipment

We provide high quality IT infrastructure elements. Our experience allows us to optimize our services and select an offer that fully meets the needs of large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Servers and storage arrays (SAS, iSCSI, FC arrays), streamers, server cabinets, network devices, wiring, UPS. Desktop and mobile computers, printers, monitors, tablets, computer accessories, thin-client terminals.

We provide software

Operating systems, central management applications, databases, virtualization software, backup software, e-mail distribution, office packages.

Outsourcing IT

We offer outsourcing / IT services to domestic as well as foreign subjects on clear terms - within the jointly agreed range, time and on attractive prices.

To meet our clients' needs we create applications that combine the expected software and the best features of universal apps available on the market. This allows our customers to implement the products which are perfectly suited to their needs and supported by reliable, global technologies. This enables them to connect with company's IT environment in a new, comprehensive standard.


Our offer

We would like to present our rich offer, based on a professional implementation of the actions undertaken. We offer unique solutions for the B2B, financial, institutional, industrial and service sectors.

  • Designing and project management.
  • Implementing own products.
  • Delivery of IT equipment, computers, servers, notebooks, etc.
  • Software delivery.
  • Software development in accordance with client's specification.
  • Construction of online stores, websites, creation of multimedia presentations.
  • Management and administration of LAN and WAN networks.
  • Monitoring systems.
  • Technical service for enterprises in the field of telecommunications and IT infrastructure.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Other IT services.

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