Get to know our product

The system is intended for use in any type of facility: public administration buildings, schools, offices or commercial buildings. iS Gate is designed to protect your company, your employees, your customers - all of us and our families.

The gate's construction was created with durability and aesthetics in mind. Aluminium construction guarantees resistance, even in the case of a sudden knockdown of the gate (e.g. in a sports facility). The width of the product has been adjusted so that the disabled people using wheelchairs can get across.

Our product can be adapted to the characteristics and needs of the place where it will be used.

  • The temperature measurement is touchless - it is safe for all its users,
  • The temperature reading may be visible at the gate itself, on a device visible only to the person responsible for protecting the facility or only on one of the listed locations,
  • The temperature reading can be made by the gate or smaller devices which are easier to set up in facilities with limited space,
  • The system is designed to work indoors,
  • It is possible to set the temperature from which the danger signal appears (red display, sound alert),
  • Durable but aesthetic design,
  • The gate’s design takes the needs of disabled people who use wheelchairs into consideration,
  • The width of the gate can be adjusted according to the customer's request - e.g. to adapt it to already used access control systems.

Technical parameters

  • Construction: Modular, allowing quick assembly,
  • Case: Aluminium,
  • Electronic circuit: integrated with the case,
  • Power supply: 24V (PoE possible),
  • Alarm: audio-visual,
  • Precision of temperature sensor: ±0,1°C.

Display layout

  • Panel composed of 512 full-colour LEDs with 6 mm spacing,
  • Several displays can be used (optional),
  • Panel area 32 x 16 (512) pix.

Technical parameters

  • Communication: Possibility to display alarms on mobile devices (optional),
  • Management: configurable via wireless network (optional),
  • Temperature measurement: forehead or wrist,
  • Capacity: Up to 50 people per minute,
  • Dimensions: Height 220 x internal width 90 cm x depth 30 cm*,
  • Weight: approx. 40 kg*.

*Dimensions and weight given for a measurement system based on a full-size gate. It is possible to order a system with a temperature reader mounted in a smaller, more discreet case.


Additional gate configuration

Our gates can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette, according to customers' preferences. In addition, we also provide the service of taping the goal if the customer wishes to place his own logo, warnings or inscriptions.


Product sales, technical assistance

Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions about the temperature measuring system.

Mateusz Farbaniec


(+48) 519-706-122 / mfarbaniec@infosoftware.pl