Each councillor has access to new and archived documents shared by the Council Office. Thanks to the on-line connection, the information is sent to the councillor in real time. Each councillor has also an opportunity to submit to Council Office comments in the matter of agenda, discussed cases, and send additional documents that could be raised during the meeting. During the deliberation, the councillor has the opportunity to vote and ask the chairman to take the floor on the topic discussed.

Council Office

The module enable to send invitations, programmes of deliberations and make the documentation that will be discussed during a next council meeting available to councillors. The person serving the Council Office has the ability to create groups of recipients and decide what message is sent to individual people. After sharing, the information appears directly on the devices of the Council members.

The chairman

The extension of the Councillor module dedicated to the Chairman of the Council, enables the organization of the entire session. All activities are displayed on the projector screen, what makes them visible to other participants. The chairman manages the agenda, supervises the course of the discussion and voting.


For council offices

  • Intuitive wizard of the deliberations,
  • Automatic generation of personal invitations,
  • Automatic creation of documentation after the deliberations,
  • Distribution of materials,
  • Repository (materials, protocols, resolutions, deliberations),
  • Notification (SMS, e-mail).

For councillors

  • The chairman's module to keep the agenda,
  • Voting module,
  • Interpellations,
  • Discussion module,
  • Access to repository (archival deliberations, resolutions, materials).

For citizens

  • Public consultations (e.g. citizens' budget),
  • Possibility of extending by Streaming Video from the session for residents.