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CNC machining center / Plastics, composites, metals

The machine can be used for machining both plastics, composites but most importantly metal sheets of light alloys(e.g. aluminum, brass) and steel. The large-format CNC Machining Center is a machine built on the basis of the latest technology, making it a very accurate and fast machine.

3D Printing and Scanning

We offer 3d printing on professional machines in DMLS, SLS, PolyJet, FDM, SLA technology. With the new equipment available in the market and advanced HD high-speed scanning technology, we provide high quality 3D scanning.


iS Rapid / Design and Prototyping

We are a leader among software, supporting rapid prototyping. Our system facilitates the process of printing, milling and stamping parts.



Technical parameters

Workspace dimensions

  • Width: 2100 mm,
  • Length: 3100 mm,
  • Range (Z axis): 300 mm.


  • 24 000 rev./min (with the possibility of using oil mist),
  • 9kW.


  • Active head with oscillating knife (among others, for use in materials: rubber, cardboard, foil, fabrics),
  • Creasing head,
  • Angle head (4th axis).

Workpiece materials

  • Non-ferrous metals (among others: aluminum, copper, brass),
  • Plastic sheets (among others: ABS, PP, PC, PA, PVC),
  • Composite materials (among others: duralumin, acrylic, Dibond, MDF),
  • Layered materials, furniture boards, laminates,
  • Solid and wood-based wood,
  • Plates of rubber materials.