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iS Sync / Synchronous learning system

It's a tool for communication and collaboration within a group or team

iS Sync is a virtual meeting, video conferencing and remote learning platform that aims to support distance education.
It is a platform that integrates various functions such as chat, video conferencing, task management and more. It allows users to share information, coordinate projects and communicate easily in real time. It can be used for both business and educational purposes, or for other groups that need effective communication and collaboration.
What advantages does iS Sync have?

  • Group communication: Allows users to make group text, video and audio calls
  • Teamwork
  • Integration with other applications such as iS Async
  • Security and privacy
  • Organization and task management
  • Online meetings with the instructor
  • Online lectures
  • Requires only a browser
  • Allows instructor to invite students to a shared virtual machine
  • Allows tracking of student progress


Features and functions

Video and audio conferencing: enables video conferencing where participants can see and hear each other

Text screen sharing: allows users to share their screen, which is useful for presentations, explanations or discussing materials

Text chat: makes it easy to ask questions, exchange information and hold discussions

Interactive whiteboard: provides an interactive whiteboard that allows users to take notes, draw, create diagrams or highlight important items.


Features and functions

Group division: allows to divide participants into smaller groups for subgroup work

Registration and guest participation: ability to register meeting participants and invite guests to participate in online events

Saving and playback: meetings on the platform can be saved so they can be played back later

Permission management: the ability to manage participant permissions, allowing you to control access to functions during the meeting