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Virtual Laboratory

Virtual Lab is an application that allows users to connect remotely to virtual machines via a web browser. It is an innovative solution that allows users to access specially configured virtual environments where they can perform a variety of tasks and exercises.


The virtual lab does not require the installation of any specialized software on the local computer. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser that supports the necessary technologies, such as virtualization. This allows you to use virtual machines from any location and device, providing flexibility and mobility.

  • Screen sharing
  • File transfer
  • Remote console
  • Integration with other applications

When logging into the virtual lab application, the user can choose from available virtual machines, which have been prepared for various purposes. These can be programming, testing, training environments or special environments for specific fields, such as computer networks, databases or data analysis.


After selecting the appropriate virtual machine, the user can turn it on and access its desktop remotely. The virtual machine runs in the cloud or on a remote server, and its desktop can be controlled via a web browser. The user can interact with the virtual machine as if it were a physical computer, installing software, running applications, running experiments or testing various scenarios.

With a virtual lab, users can enjoy a powerful and flexible work environment that does not require investment in expensive hardware or complex configuration. This is especially useful for training, learning, software testing or experimentation, where the ability to access remote virtual machines from a web browser provides convenience and time savings.