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iS Vote / Session management system

A system for the management of the council meetings of the Municipality, City, County. System consisting of modules: Council Office, Councilors, Chairman.


Each Councilor has access to new and archived documents provided by the Council Office. Thanks to the online connection, information reaches the Councillor in real time. Each Councillor also has the opportunity to report to the Council Office their comments on the proceedings, the issues discussed, and send additional documents that could be addressed during the meeting. During the course of the Councilor has the opportunity to vote, and to ask the Chairman to speak on the matter under discussion

Council Office

The module allows you to send invitations , agenda and provide councilors with documentation that will be discussed at the next Council meeting. The person handling the Council Office has the ability to create groups of recipients and decide what information goes to each person. Once the information is made available, it appears directly on the Council members' devices.


An extension of the Councilor module, dedicated to the Chairman of the Council, allowing you to organize the course of the entire meeting. All actions are displayed on the projector screen, so they are visible to other participants. The Chairman manages the agenda, watches over the course of discussions, and voting.


For the Council Office

  • Intuitive meeting wizard,
  • Automatic generation of named invitations,
  • Automatic creation of documentation after deliberations,
  • Distribution of materials,
  • Repository (materials, minutes, resolutions, deliberations),
  • Notification (SMS, e-mail)..

For Councilors

  • Chairman's module for agenda management,
  • Voting module,
  • Interventions,
  • Discussion module,
  • Access to the repository (archived deliberations, resolutions, materials).

For Citizens

  • Public consultation (e.g. civic budget),
  • Can be expanded to include Streaming Video of sessions for residents.