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University education / Software and information systems for universities

Software for universities is a comprehensive solution created specifically for the needs of universities, colleges and other educational institutions. Managing a university is an extremely complex process. It includes various modules, such as student management, human resources, finance, class and exam scheduling, library, registration, reporting and much more. Our long-standing presence in the IT industry has made us well acquainted with and understanding of the needs of higher education institutions. Our dedicated IT solutions perfectly meet the requirements and standards of universities. The software facilitates daily work, helps in effective management and improves the quality of education.



  • Streamlining administrative and educational processes, 
  • Facilitating communication between students, faculty and staff of the university.
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of the university's resource management,
  • Providing important information to students in a quick and easy way.
  • Enabling analysis and monitoring of student performance and university achievements.


We can boast the implementation of many interesting projects. These projects included the scope of implementation and integration of management information systems in universities. We cooperate with many universities and companies. This cooperation allows us to keep abreast of trends and design solutions for universities.