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Simulator / Internet threat system

Web tool for online threat training


What is a simulator?

It is a modern, interactive tool to gain knowledge about cyber threats. It provides an opportunity to impart practical and theoretical knowledge of threats such as phishing, pharming, malware and many others. The main task of the simulator is to produce the ability to build, observe, eliminate threats and apply them to future work.


Main features

The main purpose of the IT Threat Simulator is to identify vulnerabilities, security gaps and possible improvements to IT systems. With the ability to test and simulate attacks in a secure environment, companies can evaluate the effectiveness of their current security strategies and measures, and make adjustments when threats are detected.


Simulator as a training tool

The IT Threat Simulator can also serve as a training tool to help employees gain knowledge and skills in recognizing and dealing with potential threats. Employees can be trained to recognize phishing, identify suspicious files and activities, solve cybercrime problems, etc.

The IT Threat Simulator is an essential tool for companies that want to enhance the security of their IT systems. With this technology, different types of cyber threats can be effectively predicted, identified and dealt with.