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iS Async / Asynchronous learning system

This E-Learning tool

It is a solution that allows education from anywhere on earth. All you need to learn is a stable connection to the Internet.
What advantages does iS Async have?
  • Allows you to learn anywhere, anytime 
  • More effective learning
  • Two-way communication between participants and the lecturer
  • Integration with other applications such as iS Sync
  • Enrichment with various forms of materials such as videos, animations, multimedia presentations, interactive quizzes, etc., which facilitates learning
  • Monitoring of participants' progress
  • No need to travel

iS Async allows learners to study anytime and anywhere, so they can tailor their pace and learning method to their needs and preferences

Allows customization of materials and content to meet the needs and skills of the learner

Uses a variety of tools and technologies, such as quizzes, discussion forums and multimedia presentations, that allow the learner to interact with the materials and other learners.

iS Async can be as effective as traditional teaching methods. Access to online materials and the ability to repeat material on one's own are the main factors contributing to the effectiveness of e-learning.

iS Async offers features to monitor learners' progress. This allows lecturers to track learners' progress and adjust materials and content to meet their needs.

It saves time and money associated with traveling to class. 

It can be tailored to different skill levels, learning styles and learners' needs. As a result, people with different abilities and experiences can benefit from the same classes.

Materials can be easily updated and modified. Any changes in content or technology can be made quickly and efficiently, keeping the educational materials current and up-to-date